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Horizon 2020 ENERINVEST project publishes guide for financing sustainable energy projects
Horizon 2020 ENERINVEST project publishes guide for financing sustainable energy projects
3 August 2017 - 14:36

The EU-funded ENERINVEST initiative has developed a comprehensive guide for project promoters and financiers on how to finance sustainable energy projects.

ENERINVEST is a Horizon 2020 project (2016-2019) which aims to establish the reference platform for financing sustainable energy projects in Spain. The platform developed throughout the project seeks to increase the bankability and attractiveness of energy efficiency and renewable energy projects, by providing legal, technical and financial assistance to public and private project developers. Furthermore, ENERINVEST wants to reduce the gap between project promoters and financiers, through regular dialogues to establish mutual understanding and identify key challenges, barriers and solutions.

The recently published ENERINVEST guide for financing sustainable energy projects gathers the essential information for both project promoters and financiers interested in developing and implementing these projects, which are key to the success of Covenant signatories' Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plans (SECAPs).

This new guide describes the main funding sources and financial instruments in detail (e.g. equity, green bonds, revolving funds, tax-exempt financing), and offers advice on how to define the most appropriate funding strategy and financial instruments for each kind of sustainable energy project. Moreover, it lays out the essential parameters for investors to evaluate sustainable energy projects, and also includes a list of the usual investment payback periods for these projects.

The ENERINVEST guide contains also a dedicated section on both guarantees (financial and operational) as well as the risks most frequently associated with sustainable energy projects. The guide was developed by a range of experienced project promoters and financiers, such as ANESE, the biggest association of ESCO companies in Spain.

ENERINVEST gathers a diverse consortium of companies, public authorities and energy agencies, including the Spanish Covenant coordinators Huelva province and Girona province, as well as the Covenant regional energy agency AGENEX (Extremadura Energy Agency).

  • Find here more information about the ENERINVEST project
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